Development & Customization

The best laid out solution stack still has gaps. We will fill them

As product and delivery experts in both technology and industry, you can trust your project is in good hands that will guide you each step of the way and provide the support you need for the long term.


The number of team members involved in your implementation depends on the Dynamics solution being implemented and the size of your project. Some Dynamics 365 for Enterprise implementations, which can become more complex, typically include the roles of a project manager, functional consultant, technical consultant, and developer, and might include a solution architect. In Dynamics 365 for Business implementation, a general consultant might fill many of these roles.

Development and Customization are two essential concepts in IT (Information Technology) that involve creating software solutions that meet an organization’s or individual’s specific needs. 

Development refers to the process of creating software applications, systems, or solutions from scratch, using programming languages such as Java, Python, or C++. Developers write code to create a software solution that can perform various tasks, such as processing data, managing databases, or providing user interfaces. 

On the other hand, Customization involves modifying or enhancing existing software solutions to meet specific requirements. This can include adding new features, changing the user interface, or integrating with other systems. Customization is often used when an organization needs a software solution tailored to its unique business processes or industry requirements. 

In summary, development and customization are two crucial aspects of IT that involve creating software solutions that meet an organization’s or individual’s specific needs. Development involves building software solutions from scratch, while customization involves modifying existing software solutions to meet specific requirements. 

Project Management

The role of project management is critical to the success of any venture. At Confident Clouds, we follow a carefully crafted Process Centric Methodology, using Microsoft’s Sure Step implementation framework and our own best practices from years of support and implementation experience.

Consulting & Architecture

Confident Clouds’ consultants work together with your team to come up with the best solutions that suit the needs of your organization. We realize the importance of our consultants understanding not only how the product works, but understanding how it works for the end user, and being able to boil down complicated technology and make it simple and useful.

Development & Customization

Confident Clouds’ Software delivers the customizations you need for your enterprise. In the beginning phases of implementation, business processes are documented and reviewed. Confident Cloud’s Architect Consultants and customer project teams will assess business needs during this stage. Dynamics solutions are built with deep core functionality, but every organization is unique. If there is an area critical to the business, that doesn’t have an obvious correlation to a concept in the Dynamics solution being implemented, the Confident Clouds Software Development team steps in.


The expert team from Confident Clouds Software delivers a thoughtful approach using our own Process Centric Methodology and Joint Process Design, to assist with your implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that Dynamics 365 is implemented successfully.