Consulting & Architecture

Building a world class software stack ensure minimal customization and optimal ROI

IT Consulting and Architecture are two related but distinct areas of expertise in the field of information technology.

Consulting refers to the process of providing expert advice and guidance to organizations on various IT-related issues. Confident Clouds can help you identify areas of inefficiency or opportunities for improvement, recommend IT solutions to address these issues, and provide support and guidance during implementation.

Architecture, on the other hand, refers to the design and structure of an organization’s IT systems and infrastructure. Our architects are responsible for developing a high-level plan for the organization’s IT environment, including hardware, software, networks, and security. They work closely with other IT professionals to ensure that the organization’s IT infrastructure is designed to meet business requirements and goals. 

Together, consulting and architecture help organizations make informed decisions about their IT strategy and operations. Consultants may advise which technologies to use, while architects may design the systems and infrastructure that support those technologies. Both roles require a deep understanding of technology and business processes, as well as strong analytical and communication skills.

What Is A Technical Consultant?

A technical consultant deals with the infrastructure of the entire business technology system, including hardware and software, and cloud-based components. They are responsible for server setup and configuration, the environment uses and management planning, code and data management, crucial steps during go-lives, and system maintenance recommendations and training.

A Technical Consultant Provides:

Project Management

The role of project management is critical to the success of any venture. At Confident Clouds, we follow a carefully crafted Process Centric Methodology, using Microsoft’s Sure Step implementation framework and our own best practices from years of support and implementation experience.

Consulting & Architecture

Confident Clouds consultants work with your team to develop the best solutions that suit your organization’s needs. We realize the importance of our consultants understanding not only how the product works, but understanding how it works for the end user, and being able to boil down complicated technology and make it simple and useful.

Development & Customization

Confident Clouds Software delivers the customizations you need for your enterprise. In the beginning phases of implementation, business processes are documented and reviewed. During this stage, Confident Cloud’s Architects, Consultants, and customer project teams will assess business needs. Dynamics solutions are built with deep core functionality, but every organization is unique. If there is an area critical to the business, that doesn’t have an obvious correlation to a concept in the Dynamics solution being implemented, the Confident Clouds Software Development team steps in


The expert team from Confident Clouds Software delivers a thoughtful approach using our own Process Centric Methodology and Joint Process Design, to assist with your implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that Dynamics 365 is implemented successfully.

Enterprise Process Overview

This is a 2-3 day exercise in analysis of your organization’s end-to-end functions. The result is a defined list of your enterprise’s business processes.

Facilitate Joint Process Design

The functional consultant demonstrates Dynamics capabilities in the context of your business processes.

Documentation of Business Process and Requirements 

The use of the business process modeling tool allows us to establish relationships between feature requests, processes, requirements, and user roles.